A country that offers the best quality of life there is, with beautiful outdoors and a welcoming, multi-ethnic culture; Switzerland is a delight for anyone who visits it. It is also a destination of choice, for international students. Here are some perks that the international student is offered in Switzerland:

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Cultural Hotspot

With not one, but 4 official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansch), a highly diverse cultural experience is offered to those who come to Study in Switzerland. Over 21% of the citizens here are foreign nationals. This effectively means, a variety of dialects, cuisines, traditions, and experiences; all at the heart of Europe. The country also offers a rich fusion of French, German and Italian cuisines and some authentically Swiss food (with cheese and chocolate) that can be heartily enjoyed.


Top Class Universities

There can be no doubt about the fact that Swiss universities are among the world’s best. In fact, among the top 15 QS ranked universities in the world, two are Swiss universities. With general Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, there is no shortage as far as choice of courses is concerned.


Affordable Education

Since Swiss universities are generously funded by the government, the fee charged to foreign nationals is low. This cuts down education costs, thus lessening the financial burden on the students.


Best Management and Business Programs Offered

Among all the course choices available, the Management and Business programs are mostly preferred by International students, be it Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, or Business Administration. Swiss management courses are renowned globally, owing to their practical teaching approach, quality of courses, and on-campus experience. This popularity, however, is not based on idle reputation. Swiss degrees in Hospitality, Management etc. have a global reputation of excellence and passed out students usually receive employment opportunities in global hotels and resorts. As far as Study Abroad choices are concerned, International students prefer Swiss universities over others for management, business, and allied courses.


Recreation Opportunities

Switzerland is a massive tourist hub, owing to the various avenues of recreation and winter sports. Not only is it rich in natural beauty, comprising the breathtaking Swiss Alps, but there are also numerous ski and winter sports resorts to choose from. Won’t this winter paradise be the dream destination to Study Abroad?



Switzerland is among the top 10 safest countries in the world. Despite being a highly popular tourist destination, the crime rate is very low and people find it a safe place to travel and live in.


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